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"Fearless Resilience: Quotes for Tough Moments"

"Embrace resilience during tough moments with quotes that inspire fearlessness. Strengthen your spirit and overcome any obstacle."

The Box of Use-To-Be

I have a box of used-to-be that lives beneath my bed,

It's where I keep these memories that live inside my head.

A time gone by, from long ago with letters, cards, and pics,

When we were one, when you were here, before stress left me sick.

It all remains now in that box, a life to leave behind,

But how? I ask myself each night when battling my mind.

I tried to burn it once or twice, but panic turned to dread,

and so it always finds a way to linger near my bed.

I know someday I'll light that match and watch the flames erase,

the years of empty promises now etched into my face.

A few less tears, a few more smiles, then freedom will breakthrough,

It's then I know I'll find the strength to rid my heart of you.

Each time I look into that box, it is easier to see

exactly what that box contains: the box of use-to-be.

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