Feeling Beauty is my belief on true beauty that lies beyond appearance.

Feeling Beauty

Beauty is a feeling that is triggered by the heart,

when the mind and eyes send signals that can make emotions start.

When something stops you in your tracks and makes you want to stay,

those feelings coming over you can take your breath away.

Perhaps its just a scenery, like some historic bridge,

or maybe it's a photograph, that's hanging on your fridge.

The first time that you look into the eyes of one you've missed,

or the feelings that came over you, the first time that you kissed.

True beauty is a feeling that is triggered by the heart,

even when there are miles between you, and it seems you're far apart.

See beauty isn't just a vision, that your eyes take in,

it simply is not limited to pleasures of the skin.

So if you take the time to look, you're sure to find a treat,

'cause beauty is alive in nearly everyone you meet.

8"x10"  photo print, plastic grey frame with a glass window signed by author.

Feeling Beauty