Fire and Ice is a short story perfect for romance and is even being used as a wedding vow.

Fire and Ice

This love affair is like fire and ice,

the feelings we share will more than suffice.

When you bring the naughty, I bring the nice,

you fill up my soul and give to it life.


I never was whole until I met you,

the things that you say, and all that you do.

You finish my sentence, your love is so true,

you hold me together, a bonding like glue.


Your black to my white, my strength to despair,

no matter the problems you've always been there.

My life I give to you, this love I will share,

I always will hold you, I always will care.


Our two hearts so different yet still beat as one,

a love for the ages has only begun.

When you said I love you I knew that I'd won,

a soul mate forever now etched in the sun.

8.5" X 11" plastic frame and with glass pane, photo print and signed by the aurthor.

Fire and Ice