Reflections is a metaphor on the complexities of life.


Reflections of this shattered life,

can cut me like a razor knife.

Seeming like a sacrifice,

I'm searching for some lost advice.


Nothing seems to ease my pain,

as tears release this hurricane.

I fight so I don’t go insane,

but now I feel my life's In vein.


Hopeless, helpless, needs to quit,

tortures like a thorny whip.

Slowly I will loose my grip,

reaching clawing as I slip.


God I beg oh lord I plead,

I'm dropping on my weakened knees,

Trembles, shakes and shivering,

with all the signs I'm quivering.


Reach me, teach me, help my see,

the person I was meant to be.

Much more than a novelty,

reflections of reality.


8.5" x 11" Plastic frame with glass window, Printed on high quality photo paper and signed by the author.