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Change of Heart

You came at a time when I was so lost,

a breakup of love with a horrible cost.

A damaged reflection of who I should be,

learning and yearning for a past I could flee.

You taught me of self-love and tranquility,

erasing much hate and that hostility.

Forgiveness and peace, were no where to be found,

'til the day I stopped looking once you came around.

The change in my heart that was growing each day,

brought light to this soul that was darkened and strayed.

I realized that my love has always been there,

through all those bad breakups, my heartbeat would blare.

Then you just kept going you didn’t stay long,

another love lost, yet another sad song.

At first I was angry and lost in my head,

you found a new love and you left me for dead.

I had a good cry as I pounded the floor,

kneeling and reeling I stared at the door.

I filed the memories so now can move on,

the darkness replaced by the dim light of dawn.

I'm happier now, as I look I can see

my heart has grown stronger and now I'm set free.

I look to the sunrise and crave a new start,

awaiting, debating, my next change of heart.

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