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The Light

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The light,

When we feel sad or blue, they always say, don't stop now; there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well, what if that light is so bright and blinding, and the tunnel is so long? They don't tell you how to get back up, just that you must. See, we often stumble and fall on our journey, and sometimes, that tunnel seems so long that the light is impossible to reach. You may find pain and obstructions that you can not avoid and setbacks that seem insurmountable. When I feel like this, I think of the mighty redwood tree as it reaches for the bright light. It must be thinking all along; if I keep stretching, I will make it someday. Not knowing that if it could indeed reach the light (sun), it would be burned and destroyed. Yet still, it will stretch through the storms of life; with destructive winds and lightning strikes, it remains an ever-growing force, sometimes battered, sometimes damaged. Living hundreds or thousands of years and reaching many hundred feet above the earth. It has become an amazing part of this planet in beauty and importance. If we spend too much time judging our distance from the light, we often overlook the beauty we have become. We all have significance and can be easily setback with what only seems important. When I think of that tree, I believe it is important in every stage of its life, and so am I, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Now, the tunnel doesn’t seem so dark and long; instead, it has become a beautiful journey.

Dan Leaver

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