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Turning Pages

Turning pages one by one,

a life seems over just begun.

Changes take place in your heart,

Providing you a different start.

Painful times of shattered dreams,

empty promise endless screams.

Turning pages one by one,

why would they leave you?

Why would they run?

Did not they love you,

could not they see?

For you would have died,

so they could be free.

Turning pages one by one,

Not your lover, not the one.

Feeling so empty, a bed full of tears,

future uncertain and facing your fears.

Now a new chapter, now a new page,

Now a new journey, now a new stage.

With so many twists and so many turns,

the older you get, the more you will learn.

Embrace what is given, your book is your age,

If you’re feeling hopeless, then just turn the page.

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