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When Dreams Become Reality

I close my eyes and there you are,

shining like the brightest star.

Standing out from all the rest,

'cause now to me, you are the best.

We walk along the moonlit sand,

I reach for you, you take my hand.

Face to face and nose to nose,

the heartbeats race, the passion grows.

I lean in close to steal a kiss,

you turn your head and make me miss.

you form a smile and coyly wink.

You lead me down the beach once more,

we reach the water at the shore.

Before I know whats going on,

you pull me to the ground.

Then quickly your on top of me,

and never make a sound.

A smile forms across your face,

you lean in for that kiss,

I turn my head, you hit my neck,

this time it's you that missed.

Then my phone rings, so you throw it, far and with delight,

we won't be needing this you say, our time is still tonight.

The moonlight falls upon your face,

and settles in your skin.

I feel my chest fill up with pride,

from somewhere deep within.

We try to speak, but neither one of us knows what to say,

we've always dreamed it never felt it, quite like this today.

Then as your breath falls on my skin,

I feel your tender lips.

I brush my hand against your cheek,

as tension fills my hips.

Now mouth to mouth we're locked in love,

and passion fills two hearts.

That once had seemed so empty,

when their worlds were torn apart.

When dreams become reality,

it will never be the same.

Cause something burns so deep inside,

each time I think your name.

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