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Birthday in Heaven

Today is your birthday, you're no longer here,

you'll spend it in Heaven we spend it in tears.

It doesn’t seem fair, because now your so far,

the love brings such pain and emotional scars.

Another year over a new one begins,

another year closer until we meet again.

I bake you a cake it now sits by your chair,

I fold both my hands and I whisper this prayer.

Our father in heaven oh Lord up above,

please wrap them with warmth, and please send them our love.

Today is a Birthday we still count the years,

of how long they are with you, and how long they were here.

So thank you my father for bringing them near,

for keeping them safe, for holding them dear.

With that I will close now, I just want to say,

please wish them for us a Happy Heavenly Birthday!

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