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Book drive End date.

Book campaign

Hello all, I have decided on an end date for my St. Jude book campaign. I will run it thru the end of this tax season, so the last day will be April 30th. I will then arrange for the delivery of the donated books to the children of St. Jude. I have ordered my 100 copies to add to the total which so far is now sitting at 111. If anyone is interested in helping these children with me, please donate a book or share this post.

Click image for a direct link to the Whale Tale. Please address donations to. Dan for St.Jude P.o. box 4068 Leitchfield Kentucky. 42754 Your name can be included in the book signing as Donated by "your name" if desired. Please specify in direct message to me. Thanks so much again. Dan.

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