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How do you break the chains in your mind,

that keep you restrained and leave you so blind.

You toss and you turn as you lay in that bed,

self pity and loathing just scream in your head.

Imprisoned by love, that once you both shared,

the scars turn to bars that your heart must now bear.

That heart beating deep in the pit of your gut,

your head pounding fierce when your mind just won't shut.

How do you break those chains in your mind,

when sadness and anguish are all you can find.

You quiver your lips and you wrinkle your nose,

your tears have run dry so the anger explodes.

Forgiveness is key to the healing you need,

it is not for them, but so you can be freed.

Let go of that anger that runs through your veins,

it is there you find freedom to break free from those chains.

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