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Drink or Drive

If you choose to drink and drive,

you choose to risk so many lives.

You risk everything for just one day in time,

and it takes just one moment to leave it behind.

So many have died and they don't get that choice,

so please listen clearly now I am their voice.

A selfish decision you must stop and think,

that other could die because you chose to drink.

As you reach for your keys and you head for the door,

when you know that it's fine hey you've "done it before".

Take a deep breath, close your eyes won't you please,

then picture your car wrapped around an oak tree.

The headlights, a scream then the skidding and crash,

you're thrown from the wreck and its scattered like trash.

You reach for your legs 'cause you can't feel your feet,

then you freeze in your tracks when you see that white sheet.

Your heart skips a beat, and the sweat starts to pour,

then you open your eyes, and just stare at that door.

So now is the moment, your choice must be made,

just put down those keys many lives may be saved.

Call for a cab take a bus or a walk,

or just pull up a chair have a seat and let's talk.

I can tell you the story of a beautiful friend,

that I lost in my life, when her life had to end.

Because of a moment, a key, and a choice,

made by some stranger who silenced her voice.

If your party is somewhere you drive when its over,

just do the right thing and please celebrate sober.

In Memory of Amy..

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