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Feeling Hope

What do you say when you talk to yourself,

'cause you feel like your different from everyone else.

When there's no one to hold and your loves on the shelf,

so you toss and you turn and you feel your heart melt.

It's not the good melting, cause this one brings pain,

your stomach starts turning, your eyes pour like rain.

You lay down your head, but you can't sleep at night,

so you crawl out of bed and turn back on the light.

Your mind may be reeling from so many thoughts,

the way that your feeling its like you souls lost.

You pace back and forth, then you fall to your knees,

you talk to your Lord, and you pray for relief.

Your chest feels so empty, it makes your head pound,

so you reach for your pillow and lay it back down.

If this sounds like you, and I've been there before,

if your feeling hopeless I offer you more.

Your mind will decide on which path you will take,

there's one filled with misery, pain, and heartache.

The other is one that will lead straight to you,

it will bring you comfort, to help see you through.

If something is eating away at your soul,

then learn to process it, then just let it go.

There are so many things that will bring you delight,

and if that's what you think of you will sleep at night.

Your life will be different and some things will be new,

but once you adjust then that love will find you.

It starts in your head and the thoughts that you see,

and once you believe that you will be at peace.

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