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Helpful Thinking

How do you say goodbye when there is so much left to say,

with your thoughts and dreams on overload the words get in the way.

When someone special touches you like no one has before,

then something takes them far away and leaves you wanting more.

Your mind will make this hard on you and you wont understand,

when your broken hearts in pieces and its more than you can stand.

With depression closing in on you and sadness in your eyes,

you feel the world is closing in and clouding up your skies.

It's then you need to find the strength to look the other way,

be thankful for the time you shared and the memories you made.

Our entire life is filled with people that we choose to love,

from neighbors, friends and relatives, to the good lord up above.

So if you have to say goodbye to someone that you miss,

no matter how it hurts inside you must remember this.

Your mind can change the mood your in as fast as you can blink,

so if it hurts that bad inside, just change the way you think.

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