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I wait for you like the stars wait for the sun to leave the sky, so they can be seen.

I'm always there but never aware, does anyone notice, or would they even care.

I'm powerless when you come around my heart jumps up, my eyes fall down.

I'm Hooked.

I wait for you with baited breath, I draw you in, this dance with death.

A poison to me slowly kills my being, I know your bad and it makes me sad,

It makes me weak and draws me closer, to intoxicating to resist, the temptation of that deadly kiss.


When I first found you I was down, you lifted me up so I kept you around.

My very first high, you took me to flight, you stayed with me and I slept through the night. Hooked.

In my teen years you became a part of me, always around, your hand you would lend, always right there when I needed a friend.

I would sneak out at night, my parents, I'd fight. To be by your side I would claw and I'd bite.


I went off to college, I left you behind, my body would shake as you invaded my mind.


You’re now a disease, so filthy, I'm scared. A plague to my life and that leaves me impaired.

I leave you again, realize your no friend, you haunt me and stalk me, will this ever end.


I finally got married with kids of my own, you still show your face, you’re a dog, I'm your bone.

Your chewing me up, I get smaller each day. I'm weaker, I'm meeker as I wither away.


Now I'm divorced, you have caused me such pain, I can not escape you, you drench me like rain.


Your name is addiction, a blasted affliction , kicked me out of my mind like a deadly eviction.

You are killing me now, I've one foot in the grave, I've done this myself, now myself I must save.


My body is frail now, so trembled and shook, I must win this fight,

NOW I must get unhooked.

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