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Just Words

Were they just words when you told me you'd stay,

when you promised you'd love me and cherish each day.

Were they just words when you looked in my eyes,

pretending you cared with a master disguise.

Were they just words when you gave me your heart,

when you held me so tight as you planned to depart.

My mind is a blur now, my heart is in pain,

resentment and anger are all that remain.

The nights that we shared all the plans that we made,

I feel so impaired as our memories fade.

I now see those words. I am no longer blind,

to this poison you spread, an emotional bind.

As I now walk away, my perspective is new

this path to my future will not include you.

Your heart is distorted, so cold and absurd,

to think all this time what we had,

was just words.

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1 Comment

Lorrie Crumpler
Lorrie Crumpler
Nov 20, 2023

Very painfully beautiful ❤️



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