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Stand for the Movement!!

Movement Enough is enough now it's time for a change, corruption from violence with hatred brings shame. The people, the movement, the moment is now, they have to be heard and we must make this vow.

End anger, end violence, end meaningless death, the evil must pay if we want to bring rest. The nation is crippled, divided and burned, It keeps getting worse, with each corner that's turned. Black people are beaten some murdered some killed. Police use their power for ungodly thrills. We need to feel safe, yes we have to fight back, they must not feel danger 'cause they were born black. We can't fight the law when they throw us in jail, see, each time this happens our system will fail. We need to find justice we need to find peace, If they break the law, then arrest the police. Enough is enough its past time for that change, how many more deaths will we add to his name. The laws must be changed and the penalties strict, when those sworn to protect us choose to delict. Our history teaches that nothing will change, If silence is heard we will not break these chains, It's so easy to see our world needs much improvement, so stand for what is right, we must all join this movement.

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