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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Percieve is a short story poem on how I think a leopard, mountain lion, wild cat or even a wolf may be thinking while looking across a city and what may be perceived in his or her mind, it could be used as a perceive example. We humans seem to have a chaos core and deep rooted evil that is wide spread and causes so much pain and suffering, all while calling them the beast.

High atop a mountain peak,

I sit alone I do not speak.

Looking out across the land,

at too much grief to understand.

Confusion, chaos, silent rage,

madness, hatred, fill the stage.

If I were God, what would I say,

to see my children, act this way.

They argue, fight, connive and steal.

Torture, maim, some rape, some kill.

The human-race, the greatest gift,

our mother earth, the hardest hit.

For creatures here who share this place,

it is way too much to contemplate.

A teardrop falls upon my cheek,

for I'm the one THEY call a beast.

#newyear #resolutions #old

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