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Tears How do you cry when your tears all run dry, emotions run over and wires are fried? You toss and you turn, there is no sleep at all, your brain won't shut up, you just lie there and sprawl. Feeling exhausted you're drained and despaired, your mind growing cluttered yet blank and impaired. Your stomach in knots feeling empty and twisted, good memories fading now foggy and misted. They tell you to smile and keep up your chin, so you muster the strength for the weakest of grins. Yet deep in your eyes, you just long for relief, As you struggle and fight, while you deal with your grief. Time heals all wounds when you're strong and survive, So you pick up those pieces you grow and you thrive. Until the next heartbreak, with battles and fears, until the next time that you run out of tears. D.L.

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