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The Fight

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Staring out across the cliff, you've finally won the fight!

You're climbing up to reach the top; you now can feel the light.

Your body finally finds its peace, an epic lost climax.

Depression lifts, it brings relief, and soon you can relax.

Much like the wind and turning tides, this hurricane of life.

Your mind turns back, and thoughts reverse, returning all the strife.

You have the power in your brain to change the way you think.

Depression, anger, hate, and pain can always grow or shrink.

So much is wrong inside your world that darkness always brings.

The hurt, regret, the saddest of songs, that pain and sorrow sings.

It's normal to get washed away when blind from all those tears.

They force us all to see ourselves examining our fears.

It leads us down the darkest paths of danger in the heart.

One wrong turn can spell the end and tear the world apart.

When you're standing on a cliff and have to make your plight,

It's easy to give up inside, and jump, to lose the fight!

I wanted to write a story poem that reads both top to bottom and bottom to top (a palindrome). Now you can read it backward and let me know what you think. If you like this, please share to show support. Let me know what you think. Dan Leaver

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