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The Little Girl

I came across a little girl, one cold December day,

a look of pain etched on her face, revealing her dismay.

I couldn’t help but noticing a tear fall on her cheek,

her hands began to tremble, as her knees were growing weak.

She tried to part her lips and speak but nothing could be heard,

a gasp of air escaped her mouth in place of any word.

She fell down on her knees upon that cold and icy snow,

as I draped her with my coat because that wind began to blow.

No cheer this year she finally spoke with all the strength she had,

so much is going wrong for me and now I've lost my dad.

She folded both her hands and then I saw her start to pray,

looking for a miracle that dark and gloomy day.

It only took a moment and a cloud began to part,

a beam of light shot down and hit directly on her heart.

Her body started glowing and that teardrop was erased,

the smile forming on her lips, put joy back on her face.

A puff of wind blew through her hair and I was struck in awe,

the beauty overtook me from this miracle I saw.

When she turned to look at me, it came as no surprise,

so deep in that reflection I saw Jesus in her eyes.

He's safe she said, he is not lost and right where he belongs,

dancing with the angels now and joining them in songs.

She threw her arms around my neck embracing me with love,

reminding me of lessons that were sent from up above.

We are all connected from the depth of every soul,

in this miracle of life we each will play a vital role.

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