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The Roar

The day the Lion lost his roar,

was not because his throat was sore.

See he was scared down to his core,

a fear that he could not ignore.

For on this day and in his land,

something new was close at hand.

He could sense upon the sand,

a smell he could not understand.

His ears were perked his tail was straight,

the king of beast would face his fate.

The fear inside would have to wait

for now he'd only concentrate.

His nails were clinched and teeth were bare,

and in his eyes a focused stare.

Wrinkled nose and nostril flare,

traced the smell across the air.

Determined he would face his fear,

his mind was sharp his thoughts were clear

Somehow he had to persevere,

although his threat was growing near.

The wind picked up and thunder rolled,

lightning flashed as he patrolled.

and what a sight he would behold,

as rain brought life that would unfold.

See thru his fear to save his land,

he could not see the bigger plan,

The drought that came and took a stand,

was now replaced with cool wet sand.

Plants would sprout and puddles form,

strength returns and new lives born.

Natures way, and Gods reform,

was all brought upon that mighty storm.

So when your scared down to the core,

or if you find your teardrops pour.

Take a breath and don't ignore,

that fear might bring a stronger roar.

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