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Sometimes I feel invisible forgotten and unseen,

blended in a crowded room that makes me feel serene.

It doesn't matter what I do or what I tend to say,

I fade back in the crowd and that is where I seem to stay.

Everyone's so busy in their life and in their mind,

it isn't hard to see this world we live in has gone blind.

They pass me on the corner but will never even see,

until I'm something that they want and fit inside their needs.

I'm the homeless on the street, a child that’s thrown out,

the worker sitting next to you, that you can do without.

Yes I'm a person just like you we share this common space,

yet still you do not look at me I feel so out of place.

How did we grow so callous, hurtful, cold and just plain mean,

living in this world where everybody goes unseen?

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