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Violence In Silence

When a child gets abused,

it leaves them hurt, lost and confused.

It may be a bruise, or a scar, or much worse,

that appears as a nightmare and looms like a curse.

Sending them off in their head to a land,

where their mind tells their heart, that they must understand.

Sometimes they move on, and suppress all those fears,

they deal with the pain, and they wipe away tears.

But It will never leave them, it can not be done,

it connects to their mind, like the stars to the sun.

Their lives are so different than they were before,

when that pain and abuse, found a way to their door.

Their trust now is forsaken in those they will meet,

sometimes long after they get back on their feet.

The worst thing to do is say nothing at all,

when you think there's abuse, and still, don't make the call.

So many have died behind doors that were closed,

they may have survived if somehow we'd have known.

Teach them its ok, to face all their fears,

and if someone has hurt them, we must interfere.

If parents won't help us, we must find a way,

to open those doors, and take evil away.

Somewhere there are children that need our help now,

they try and break free, still, they do not know how.

The cries go unanswered, they feel all alone,

ashamed and abandoned in a cell they call home.

When strangers take action the lives may be saved,

of children in danger, neglected, enslaved.

There's violence in silence, with the words left unspoken,

that leaves them still victims, now shattered and broken.

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