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Whale Tale

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of a whale,

a whale of a tale of a whale with two tails.

This whale we'll call Dale, once caught up In a gale,

a monstrous gale that brought strong wind and hail!

As he rose to inhale, he could see a torn sail,

a distress and a panic and startling wail.

He knew he must act, and must do it full-scale,

this ship was in peril and destined to fail.

The water was filling, the captain would bail,

making him weary, exhausted and frail.

He reached for that rope at the pace of a snail,

cautious he was, so that he would prevail.

Balance that ship on his back, did that whale,

leading it off with the strength of those tails.

Then reaching for land and escaping that gale,

he swam and he swam on that watery trail.

When he was still young all the others would flail,

as they laughed and they joked at the whale with two tails.

But now as a hero they all would detail,

That day in that harbor, that ship and that gale.

No one would believe him, this tallest of tales,

this whale of a tale of a whale with two tails.

So the captain kept quiet, would never unveil,

this story, this legend, this friend he called Dale.

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