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Who Am I

Who am I? I heard you say,

walking down the street today.

It made me stop and take your hand,

somehow I need to understand.

Why would you say that?

You must surely know.

Are you now so lost,

that you've no where to go?

How did you loose touch?

You're not in those eyes,

this blank stare I see,

now fixed up to the skies.

Wrinkled and weathered with crumbling skin,

ages of wisdom,

locked so deep within.

What is your story,

what must you have seen,

the pain and that heartache,

the tears and the screams.

People keep passing your not even here,

they don’t even look

and that fills me with fear.

You could be my brother,

my son or my dad,

these thoughts fill my head

and they make me so mad.

Your hand looses grip

and your eyes start to close,

your body grows limp,

one last breath leaves your nose.

Kneeling beside you,

suspense fills the air,

a hand rests on my shoulder,

yet no one is there.

I turn and I jerk,

yet I can't seem to stand,

my body is numb now

except for that hand.

Somehow your at peace now,

it's me that is lost,

my lips start a prayer,

my free hand grips my cross.

Our father In heaven

please welcome this man,

I don't know his name,

nor do I understand.

What led me to him

as he said who am I,

and why was I sent here,

at his time to die?

I ask you my Lord now

please welcome him home,

as he kneels before you,

on that magnificent throne.

Erase now the ages,

the pain and the loss,

restore who he was,

before he paid this cost.

A tear leaves my eye,

comes to rest on my chin,

as I finish my prayer with a sigh,

and Amen.

I let go of his hand

and it falls to his side,

I pick up my phone,

and I call his last ride.

My mind is bewildered,

I'm feeling so small,

in a world that’s so cruel,

can’t make sense of this all.

As his life was ended

and I watched this man die,

now I 'm the one wondering,


who am I?

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