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Suicide Dreams

When I dream of suicide because I'm lost or hurt inside.

The rope is ready, knot is tied, I feel the blade, so cold and wide.

I cut my wrist to watch it bleed, the years of empty broken dreams.

A love that somehow I don't see, could turn and be the death of me.

When you sleep the tears won't wait, they wake you up and keep you late.

There are so many ways, and I've thought of them all,

that rope or a blade, maybe fire or fall.

Statistics don't lie and it's easy to see, I'm not alone, and I never will be.

The reason I tell you this message I write,

is 'cause I choose to think,and I do so all night.

If your feeling helpless, with nowhere to turn,

when you want to jump off of that bridge that you burn.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes if you must,

just remember those things you desire so much.

You'll always have strength if you keep them in mind,

those desires and passions, that someday you'll find.

If you're all alone on a dark lonely night,

your eyes full of terror and mind full of freight.

If someone has hurt you and left you with doubt,

when there's nowhere to turn and you want a way out.

Let the tears go, they will pour out like rain,

and in time you will see, that it can end your pain.

There are too many people, you can't please them all.

Just drop to your knees, for HE won't let you fall.

Your father in Heaven our God up above,

Draw from His strength and absorb from His love.

'Cause He is your savior, and always will be,

and once you accept Him, He will set you free.

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