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They say that you can do all things if only you believe,

but I say that just is not true, and I can help you see.

It starts inside your head and heart when you choose a belief,

but if you take no action, it will stay but just a dream.

It's when you want things bad enough and start to feel the pain,

that’s when you will take-action, it is then you'll take the reign.

See God has blessed us with free will, gave Jesus for our sins,

he has even left you with the choice, and you can turn from him.

Throughout time and history his words and faith ring true,

for when he finds you turn from him, HE still believes in you.

There are many different studies and so many different lands,

there are far too many lessons we will never understand.

But if you grasp the concept and no matter your belief,

when you take charge of you own life, it is then you succeed.

It starts inside your own life it can only be your own hand,

you must have an end in sight, to make your every plan.

When those plans just fall apart, and I assure you that they will,

when no matter what you’re doing it will only seem uphill.

When life challenges your every though, and all-of your beliefs,

or it knocks you to the ground and seems kick out all your teeth.

Remember that free will you have, remember your self-worth,

just change those plans, adjust those dreams and stand back upon this earth.

If you choose to persevere, you will choose to achieve,

for It is those thoughts that choose your path so just choose to believe.

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