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Welcome everyone to storyteller My name is Dan and I am the creator and story teller for this channel. I believe in the importance of storytelling and so I created these storytelling blogs. I now use storyteller theater to share family story examples, and depression awareness quotes and stories over on my new you tube channel. I have a unique and creative storytelling method and use the storytelling arc in some of my short poems to build suspense and create an impact. There are so many elements of storytelling and so I have a wide range of topics and morals that I wish convey to the viewers. English storytelling is a powerful way to express yourself and also to heal in my opinion. So I use my brand storytelling to help raise awareness and encourage healing through reading and writing. If you like my work please consider subscribing or sharing with someone that may need to hear one of my powerful messages. I do believe in the power in positive mental thinking and at story teller I am putting that power on the page. So please join me each week for a new and unique story with a brief description of what I may have been inspired by or why I wrote that piece.

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When did this world turn to cold to cry, compassion is rare and emotions have died. People are lost and no one seems to care, making it worse as they point or they stare. Some are pathetic and others



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