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Dear Father I'm asking please come unto me,

and show me the things that most people won’t see.

You gave to us Jesus who bled for our sins,

and now there's so many, where do we begin?

They've lost you my Lord, it seems somewhere in time,

we have turned from your word, and abandoned your mind.

Repent is the answer, your word is quite clear,

forgiveness is there for the ones that will hear.

But what has it come to, I don’t understand,

this evil and madness that's sweeping your land.

The murder and liars, the thieves and the lust,

those cheaters and beaters forsaking all trust.

They turn a blind eye and refuse to believe,

they say it’s all fiction, and we've been deceived.

How can we reach them, lord what can I say?

They laugh and they scoff, and they turn you away.

I seek your forgiveness, for those in despair,

My King of all Kings won’t you please hear this prayer.

One thing that I know will ensure our survival,

your people are troubled and NEED a revival.



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